Exclusive Japanese teapot in cast iron

color : grey - content : 1,1 Lt.

€55,00 IVA inc.



Our  Japanese style cast iron teapots symbolize tradition and strength.

They are finished with porcelain enemal interior preventing rust and oxidation and come with a stainless steel mesh infuser for use with loose-leaf tea, the ideal way to brew. The cast iron has the specific characteristic to keep the tea at the optimum temperature for a long time.
Easy to use :
1.  Take the mesh out of the pot and fill  with tea or infusion (herbs, leaves of flowers, dried olive leafs or your own blend).
2.  Fill the teapot with boiling water or fill it up with cold water and put it on the stove to boil the water.  The pot is  gasfire proof, so ideal for boiling  your water .
3.  Insert the filled mesh in NON boiling water (take the pot from the stove).
4.  Let it stay for a couple of minutes, the longer you wait, the stronger the taste will be.   Some teas and blends allow you to re-use them by adding hot water several times .
Easy to clean :
Just empty the mesh and the pot,  rince them with water and dry them with a cloth They are NOT dishwasher proof.
We recommend you have a look at our iron cast teacups and warmers that are a perfect match with this teapot.
Exists in other colors.
Shipping available as from february 28 th.